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What we offer

Sicilia Rottami Ltd.’s activities are designed with our customers and suppliers in mind, from the local business to the largest Italian and European industrial groups. As a result, we deliver high quality services guaranteeing functionality, efficiency and reliability, in full compliance with national ad EU regulations. We can also provide high quality advice about waste legislation, bureaucratic exercise, technical and management aspects. Our primary markets are:

The trade of scrap metal is Sicilia Rottami Ltd 's original business, making it an industry benchmark in the region. Once collected, scrap metal undergoes a radiometric examination in order to detect the presence of radioactive materials, in accordance with EU legislation. Subsequently, the material is stored in our facilities, where it undergoes the pre-recycling process: sorting, selection, volume reduction or compaction. The scrap metal is then brought, with Sicilia Rottami's or its partners' vehicles, to the foundries where it is melted down and recycled. Sicilia Rottami acts in full compliance with the law and it makes use of the simplified authorization prescribed by the law. The collected scrap consists mainly in swarf derived from industrial processes, rail and ship dismantlements and demolitions of metal structures.

Sicilia Rottami Recycling and trade of scrap metal both ferrous and non-ferrous
  • Iron scrap,
  • Aluminum scrap,
  • Steel scrap,
  • Copper scrap,
  • Bronze scrap,
  • Brass scrap,
  • Lead scrap,
  • Copper wire cable wastes.
Gestione rifiuti speciali, pericolosi e non pericolosi
Demolizioni industriali ferroviarie e navali
Vehicles dismantling
Removal of capital goods

Improve the management of waste produced by your business through our experience.