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Since 1990, Sicilia Rottami Ltd. has been sharing COBAT's vision about the evolution of the notion of waste, according to which the end of a product is the beginning of its new life. COBAT is a non-profit consortium established under private law, in line with the legal provisions. Since when it has been established in 1988, he has been playing a leading role in the Italian Green Economy and in the safeguard of the environment and of citizens. With this view, together we operate across the entire region recovering lead accumulators and various types of waste, such as batteries, tires, WEEE and photovoltaic modules. Being in possession of the required permits and taking account of quality and environmental legislation we collect, both on a small and large scale, waste that could be dangerous for the environment if not treated properly. Thanks to our more than 20 years-long experience in the collection of exhausted batteries and since the establishment of the COBAT Consortium, Sicilia Rottami Ltd. is the authorized collector in most of the Sicilian provinces. Thanks to our partnership, our professional experience and our widespread presence over the territory, we recover every year substantial quantities of both hazardous and non-hazardous waste, bringing new life to them.

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MWR Ltd. has been established in 2008. It operates in the trade of both ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal, recyclable materials and industrial demolitions. Particularly, as intermediary it deals with waste brokerage without possession, arranging the carriage and the pick-up. It operates both in Italy and abroad with the major steel farms, transferring the collected scraps via ship, train or truck. Our role consists in assuring the producer/owner the best positioning of scrap metal both from the legal and the economic point of view, selecting from time to time the most suitable recovery or disposal facilities. MWR Ltd. is registered under Category 8 (waste brokering and commercialization) of the National Environmental Operators Registry. In addition, it has been offering since 2012 a waste transport service on behalf of third parties in possession of authorized vehicles regularly enrolled in the Registry under categories 4 and 5.

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